Our platform is entirely focused on systems integrators and resellers.

The SECOTI platform allows system integrators and resellers to incorporate our technology into their existing communications infrastructure through our software development kit (SDK). Our clients are able to establish an assured and secured communications network for their clients.

Clients can communicate securely over the SECOTI platform, which uses the latest encryption, two-factor authentication, bandwidth agility, and variable bit rate technology, ensuring forward and backward secrecy and call reliability and connectivity. Our technology has been assured through high-level independent analysis by IRM. The review concluded that our platform incorporated good security practice and was capable of use by UK Government security teams handling data at OFFICIAL / OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE. 


SECOTI users can make phone calls, send messages or transfer multi-format files including video, picture, to other SECOTI users. Intuitive and easy to use, the SECOTI platform is available through a mobile application for Apple and Android devices downloadable from the App/Play store.

We use modern cloud technologies to rapidly deliver a secure and private mobile communications network, and our platform can be white labeled and deployed on premise, utilising either public or private cloud solutions depending on our client’s needs.

The SECOTI application can be customised to meet our client’s design brief with brand logo and colour scheme. Using client infrastructure and deploying Media Relay Servers inside international offices, we provide our clients with total control of their communications at a local, regional and global level. Our platform can facilitate encrypted communications (voice, message and file transfer) between two mobile devices that is suitable to routinely protect information graded OFFICAL/OFFICAL SENSITIVE. But when it is deployed as a closed system, the platform can be used to protect information at higher security classifications and sensitivity.

team expertise
team expertise

With the SECOTI platform all data remains proprietary and protected. Unlike many other communication apps the Meta-Data created by SECOTI users is the custody of our client, reducing the risks of user profiling and network / user traffic analysis. For our clients this truly sets security on their terms as they define terms and conditions for usage.

Securing content is only one part of the solution; our platform also secures the valuable intelligence that can be derived from call logs and geo-location tools. Combining control of user data (including Meta-Data) and SECOTI’s Management Dashboard ensures that our clients have ultimate control of their secure communications network and who is using it.