Secure Communications.

SECOTI technology provides multi-level end-to-end encryption of communications that
keeps your conversations secure and private.
We can’t read your messages or listen to your calls, and no one else can either.
Privacy isn’t an optional mode — it’s just the way that SECOTI works.
Every message, every call, every time.

SECOTI provides clients with security on their terms.

Not only is the information you share fully encrypted but all of the metadata, logs, records remain in your custody - nothing is harvested for analysis outside of your organisation and you define the users, the groups, and the permissions.

SECOTI User Management Console (UMC)

The UMC is a secure web portal used by administrators of the system to add, remove and manage users and their contact directories and pre-assigned teams, without mobile contact or personal details having to be shared or harvested. The system is an invite only closed system offering strong control of who can use the system and and for how long.

Independently Reviewed and Aligned with NCSC Guidelines

In 2018 the SECOTI technology underwent a high-level independent analysis. This review, conducted by IRM Security concluded that the SECOTI product and platform incorporated good security practice and was capable of use by UK Government security teams handling data at OFFICIAL / OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE. When it is deployed as a closed system, the SECOTI platform can be used to protect information at higher security classifications and sensitivity. In 2020 a further Independent review has been undertaken, this time by NCSC Cyber Certified Professionals - We can now operate with and in accordance with strict RMADS requirements.

Customisable Platform

The SECOTI application can be customised to meet our client’s design brief with brand logo and colour scheme. Using client infrastructure and deploying Media Relay Servers inside international offices, we provide our clients with total control of their communications at a local, regional and global level. Our platform can facilitate encrypted communications (voice, message and file transfer) between two mobile devices that is suitable to routinely protect information graded OFFICAL/OFFICAL SENSITIVE. But when it is deployed as a closed system, the platform can be used to protect information at higher security classifications and sensitivity.

Trusted by Organizations

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