We are SECOTI.
Established by communications and business professionals with
a strong background in Signals Intercept and Data Analytics.


Our Mission

Convenience overrides Security seems to be the maxim of this decade, you can have both, without compromising your personal or corporate privacy. We are determined to build technology that has Security at the core of every design decision we make.

Private and Secure.

As well as being a secure platform our technology has also been assured, having undergone independent analysis by IRM Security and Independent Cyber Certified Professionals, and Penetration Testing. Collectively these reviews have concluded that the SECOTI product and platform incorporated good security practice and was capable of use by UK Government security teams handling data at OFFICIAL / OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE. When it is deployed as a closed system, the SECOTI platform can be used to protect information at higher security classifications and sensitivity.

We are different

Our objective is always to provide clients with secure and assured information transfer. Our philosophy is rooted in being open with our clients about our services and capabilities. We work with clients to fully understand the risks they face and our goal is always to develop a SECOTI solution that meets client needs. If we don’t believe we have a capability then we are honest and say so. If we are able, we point our clients towards a provider that is better placed to help them.

Our Vision

To protect Information Exchanges between all IP connected devices, across any network,
ensuring the integrity and trust between enpoints that can be free from the risk of
manipulation, alteration or analysis by unauthorised third parties.

Supporting CISOs

Helping them to rid the workplace of unauthorized and unaccredited social media platforms that are too often used as business enabling tools. Such platforms can be compromised or penetrated resulting in the loss of valuable and confidential information.

Supporting CEOs

When organisations experience data breaches they lose control. Technical, commercial or personal data falling into the wrong hands can have catastrophic consequences for the bottom line and for corporate reputation.

Supporting Businesses

The SECOTI platform puts enterprises and organisations firmly in control of their data. All relationships and information remain proprietary, protected and enterprises will always know who they are communicating with and who is on their network.
The SECOTI platform provides the control, administration, and reliability that an enterprise needs in order to protect its data flow and ensure that information is reaching the right source.

Supporting Individual Privacy

Addressing the Security of any Internet enabled Information Exchange is only one part of the jigsaw. At SECOTi we have strictly followed the principles of Privacy by Design too, ensuring that common tools and techniques used to harvest an individuals personal information have been designed out or turned off by default. We do not harvest your contacts, your photographs nor do we interface or share any information with third parties.