For business leaders looking to mitigate risks to data, SECOTI has the answer, providing a cyber secure solution that protects information so it cannot be intercepted, read, or listened to.

Mobile technology has galvanized enterprise providing the means to efficient and instantaneous communication but it also contains inherent risks. Instant communication and seamless information transfer are accompanied by threats of data breach. Information can be intercepted and read; conversations listened to or spied upon. Unauthorized and unaccredited social media platforms are too often used as business enabling tools. But such platforms can be compromised or penetrated resulting in the loss of valuable and confidential information.


For any business or enterprise to succeed it must be capable of protecting its data. When organisations experience data breaches they lose control. Technical, commercial or personal data falling into the wrong hands can have catastrophic consequences for the bottom line and for corporate reputation.

The SECOTI platform puts enterprises firmly in control of their data. All relationships, and information remains proprietary and protected and enterprises will always know who they are communicating with and who is on their network.

The secure and assured SECOTI platform provides the control, the administration, and the reliability that an enterprise needs in order to protect its data flow and ensure that information is reaching the right source.

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