About Us

We are SECOTI  

We are a UK Company founded by Government trained ex-Military, GCHQ Signal Specialists and Security and Communication Engineers and Designers.


“it is refreshing to work with an organisation that truly embraces and invests in secure by design concepts. This stretches beyond the SECOTI technology product itself and includes recognition of the importance that the business needs to operate securely too” M Nash

Our Mission

To Give our Clients Reassurance and Peace of Mind making Them Fully in Control. Taking them away from the Current Debates around ‘Encrypted Messaging Platforms’ that will continue.

Secoti Secure

Private and Secure

We are focused on Privacy and Security for Organisations, Services and Discerning Individuals.

We can Protect ‘Official Sensitive and Occasional Secret’ Data. Independently reviewed by NCSC CCP for ‘On Premise’ or ‘Cloud’ hosted Systems.When used in accordance with our RMADS and SIRO approval.

We have Built and Deployed Personalised Apps with Complex ‘Cross Boundary’ Solutions, Controlled with our Web based UMC that supports both IOS and Android devices.




We are different

We Tailor Solutions Specifically to the Clients requirements.

Clients can set preferences and policies from the UMC. A ‘broadcast’ capability to message all users.

The Quality of our ‘Voice’ calls is also superior, with variable bit rate optimisation built in.

We provide a ‘Walled Garden’ Solution.

We can advise how a Client can Best Protect and Host their System and all their Data .

Secure Communications

Our Vision

To Protect Information Exchanges between IOT Connected Devices, across any Network, Ensuring the Integrity and Trust between Enpoints. Free from the risk of Manipulation, Alteration or Analysis.

Businesses and Corporations

All relationships and information remain proprietary, protected.The SECOTI platform provides the Control, Administration, Reassurance and Reliability to Protect its Data flow and  Ensure that information is Protected, as well as their Reputations.

Institutions, Foundations and Governments

Risk Reduction of Data Breaches by providing a Total Consistent Secure System that can be used Globally. Administered Centrally avoiding platforms that can be Compromised or Penetrated resulting in loss.​

Individuals and Family Offices

For Family Offices and Discerning Individuals seeking a Complete Protected Personal Network. At SECOTi we have strictly followed the principles of Privacy by Design, which we can extend to advise and design a Unique Solution