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SECOTI provides secure and assured communications over the Internet.

SECOTI provides secure and assured communications over the Internet. Allowing our clients to communicate safely and securely through their mobile devices without fear of being overheard or intercepted. Free Social Media applications are proliferating the workplace and are widely used by employees as productivity tools. But they aren’t designed for enterprise and business leaders and information security experts are increasingly concerned about the risks they pose to data. While information may be encrypted, serious issues about the harvesting and analysis of call data have been highlighted so much so that Government Departments have decreed that popular messaging applications are inappropriate for sharing sensitive information.


Established by two Communications professionals, SECOTI’s core business is providing end-to-end encryption software to small and medium enterprises and local and central Government Departments, including Security and Defence. SECOTI technology secures voice, message and file transfer data over a mobile application and through the supporting service platform to encrypt communications between two mobile devices.

As well as being a secure platform our technology has also been assured, having undergone high-level independent analysis by IRM. The review concluded that the SECOTI product and platform incorporated good security practice and was capable of use by UK Government security teams handling data at OFFICIAL / OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE. When it is deployed as a closed system, the SECOTI platform can be used to protect information at higher security classifications and sensitivity.

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At SECOTI we are different. Our objective is always to provide clients with secure and assured information transfer. Our philosophy is rooted in being open with our clients about our services and capabilities. We work with clients to fully understand the risks they face and our goal is always to develop a SECOTI solution that meets client needs. If we don’t believe we have a capability then we are honest and say so. If we are able, we point our clients toward a provider that is better placed to help them.